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Hey buddy, God's gonna create a new universe in 7 days and he wants everyone on board to create something new and original. You better be ready by then considering your results last time ! Here you go,  have fun with the element mixers, but be ready in 7 days !


WASD : Move
E/F : Interact
Escape : Quit the game (!! WARNING !! There is no pop up before quitting, I unfortunately didn't have the time to implement it)

All controls are remappable in the Unity launcher (don't worry I cleaned up the default controls that clutter so many games)


The thingie on the right is a recycle bin, use it if you made something you can't find a use for (I doubt you'll be in the case, but hey, I programmed it if you're as compulsive as me and want it all clean and tidy)


Phew boy ! My first finished game jam. I participated in 3 or 4 up until now and never finished a game. Is that what pride feels like ? I guess it does. Jokes aside, not a big game, but hopefully okay considering my experience.

I unfortunately lost the first 24 hours by forgetting to read the limitation : 4 colors... I had made beautiful voxel models in order to make a game where, as a god, you'd have a limited set of tools and action per era, and then you'd have to wait for the world to evolve for a full era. The goal was to end up with a fully sandbox game or a survival game (don't let the planet perish, evolve basic species...). The world was grid based so as to have simple sets of rules to propagate the player's action.

I almost ended up doing a gameboy-style shader for this project but I though "meh, everyone does that, and they probably do it better than me",  so I decided to use the limitation more creatively, and interpret the theme more freely (days limitation mechanic).

As with all other jams, especially the last few I took seriously (mini jam 14 and 21) I learned a whole lot about game development and most importantly my engine of choice : Unity. My most important lesson this time around is when to stop making beautiful development. You can't start coding and developing ugly as it will slow you down in the end, but at some point you gotta say "ok, I think this is a solid-enough basis, let's build off that and not make modular reusable code/assets from now on".

While the puzzle element is basic I feel like the core mechanics are good enough for an actual puzzle game. Adding more status (currently only shape, size, and black/white) and more limited transitions between those added states would make for a very fun puzzle game, especially if adding an achievment per level for beating a set number of actions.

I personally don't intend on building upon this, but if you do like the concept, please feel free to, just credit me ;)


Code/Graphics/Winning fanfare music : Me
Sounds : Creative Commons sounds from http://soundbible.com
The music was created using https://www.beepbox.co

Install instructions

Extract the content of the .zip archives into a folder, then launch the game executable.


Linux 21 MB
Mac OS 20 MB
Windows x64 21 MB
Windows x86 18 MB

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